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第3回総研大科学者賞 / 3rd SOKENDAI Scientist Award


We founded anew “SOKENDAI Scientist Award” and “SOKENDAI Future Scientist Award”. The purpose of SOKENDAI Scientist Award is to commend the research achievements obtained by the scientists who obtained Doctor’s degree from SOKENDAI. The purpose of SOKENDAI Future Scientist Award is to encourage the research by the SOKENDAI students who aspire to be a scientist. The applicant for 3rd SOKENDAI Scientist Award, please refer to the following Guidelines for applicants.


募集要項 / Guidelines for Applicants

1 趣旨 / Purpose
The purpose of SOKENDAI Scientist Award is to commend the research achievements obtained by the scientists who obtained Doctor's degree from SOKENDAI.

2 候補者の対象及び資格 / Candidates eligible to apply for the Award 

 また、応募者は総研大同窓ネットワーク(SOKENDAI Anet)に登録することを必須とします。
All candidates who have obtained their doctor’s degree from SOKENDAI at the time of application (except candidate who has received the doctorate degree through the dissertation route (Ronbun-Hakaseand have not formally enrolled in any department of SOKENDAI are not eligible to apply.) However, candidates who have already awarded the SOKENDAI Science Award before won’t be able to apply it again. Applicants are required to register their names with the SOKENDAI Anet (SOKENDAI Alumni network). Furthermore, the person who has applied SOKENDAI Science Award before, can apply it newly. (We’ll inform a qualified person separately)

3 受賞者数及び受賞内容 / Number of recipients and details of the Award
After evaluating all the applications carefully, one candidate will be received a certificate and prize money of JPY 500,000 as the award.

4 応募方法 / Application procedure and deadline

(1)応募期限(葉山本部)/ Deadline for submission at Hayama Headquarter
Friday, December 9, 2016  

(2)応募書類 / Required documents
①申請書【様式1】 …1部 / Application Form (Form 1): 1 copy 
Please note:
(i)   The application form must be A4 size and should not exceed four pages.
 (ii)  The description length for each item on the application form is entirely at the applicant’s discretion, but it should not exceed four pages.

(iii) There are no restrictions on font type, font size, letter spacing, or line spacing, as long as it is legible.

②推薦書【様式2】…3通 /  Letter of Recommendation (Form2): 3 Letters
(i) Each one of the three letters of recommendation should be submitted by a person as mentioned below ( a person who is residing abroad should be included if it’s possible ); (a) a person who is aware of the candidate’s research, (b) a person who knows about the research and other activities at SOKENDAI, and (c) a person who is able to evaluate the candidate’s research from a different perspective (such as a different field, different university, or different school or department of SOKENDAI).
(ii) Each Letter must be sealed by the writer.

(3)応募先 / Application
Application documents must be submitted to the Research Coordination Section, SOKENDAI Hayama headquarters within the stipulated deadline.

5 審査のポイント及び審査方法 / Criteria and process for judgement 

All applications will be carefully screened and evaluated by the Committee of SOKENDAI Scientist Award, and the President will decide on who should be given the award.
Besides evaluating the content of your research work, aspects related to internationality, interdisciplinarity, and relationship between science and society will be evaluated as a reference. 
l Internationality: Worldwide research activity and international recognition
l  Interdisciplinarity: Research activity having a multidisciplinary method, subject, and impact
l  Views on the relationship between science and society


6 審査結果発表及び授賞式 / Notification of the result and the Award Ceremony

The result will be notified via e-mail to the candidates in mid-February 2017.
The Award ceremony to be held at the begining of  April, 2017 on the same day of  the Entrance ceremony. The award winner will have the honor of giving a lecture at Freshman Course following the Entrance ceremony and participate the Freshman Gathering.

7 その他 / Other
 Additional materials may be required regarding the application.
(2)送付先・問合せ先 / Contact details for any inquiry
〒240-0193 神奈川県三浦郡葉山町(湘南国際村)
総合研究大学院大学 国際・社会連携課研究協力係
TEL:046-858-1608 E-mail:
Research Coordination Section, Hayama headquarters, SOKENDAI
Hayama-machi, Miura-gun, Kanagawa, 240-0193, Japan
TEL: 046-858-1608  E-mail:


申請書および推薦書様式 / Application Forms

Click on the link below to download the application form(Form1) and forms for letter of recommendation(Forms 2-1,-2,-3).

  様式1 / Form1SOKENDAI_Scientist_Award_application2017.doc

 様式2-1 / Form2-1総研大科学者賞_推薦書a(現在の研究がわかる者)【様式2-1】.docx

  様式2-2 / Form2-2総研大科学者賞_推薦書b(総研大在学時の研究等がわかる者)【様式2-2】.docx

  様式2-3 / Form2-3総研大科学者賞_推薦書c(別観点で評価できる者)【様式2-3】.docx

本募集要項のダウンロード / Download of this guideline


  3rd SOKENDAI Scientist Award, Guideline for ApplicantsSOKENDAI_Scientist_Award_2017E.pdf